Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here in the "Real World"

Today I posted this on Utah Congressman, Jason Chaffetz's Facebook page:

"Congratulations on this 'head of the class' thing. We like what you are doing.

Please remember, though, that we elected you to be a short term member to enact long term remedies. Please do not get sucked into the DC power mentality. Please keep in mind you will be needing to go back into business in another 4 years in your line of work, and I do not mean politics.

As good as Orrin Hatch is doing right now since he watched Bob Bennet get the axe, I'll be voting against that very nice, 5-term, 3-terms-too-many, part of the problem after 30 years in DC Senator. We will welcome you home with accolades well before 30 years is up. Remember and be prepared to rejoin us here in the real world."

I really mean it. I like Orrin Hatch. He has class and I believe he got the message from this last election (pre-Nov. 2, 2010) when Bob Bennett was booted for not listening to his constituents. We got tired of his rhetoric and seeming to pat us on the head. At least that is the way I felt when he spoke with me.

Don't you feel it is important to keep our elected representatives in the mind that they REPRESENT US, that they are of us, meaning from the ranks of the ordinary US population? Don't you feel they need to be reminded that they are not elected to become members of the "DC Elite" Party, who can do whatever they want because they have the power to make the laws in this country? Don't you feel there is not supposed to be any "DC Elite" Party?

Here in the USA, there are supposed to be no "elite" other than the kind who have earned their way into wealth or superb ability. Even then, they are not really any 'better' than the rest of us, they are just more wealthy or more able in their area of expertise, right? 

Here in America we believe all of mankind are born on equal ground and should have equal opportunity and equal rights. There is no limited liberty or excess of equality meaning one family or group has more or fewer rights and abilities by birthright. Every man, woman and child has, or is supposed to have, the exact same rights, liberties and opportunities as the next, restricted only by the abilities or restrictions God granted in that person's person. Society is to allow that person full liberty and opportunity by God-given right. That is, according to my understanding, the purpose of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.

In Europe, there is still some lingering concept of aristocracy and monarchy that prevails. There are still kings reigning and the people love it. I guess it gives them something else to dream about: wouldn't it be great if I were a King/Queen/Prince/Princess. The American people look to Europe even yet and revel in the same things. Disney has made millions with movies about princesses and royalty and paupers joining the ranks of the elite. Oh, yes, Americans want to miraculously become elite, too.

What too many Americans fail to realize, since it is right here under our feet, is that we can become part of the elite crowd by working diligently. We have the liberty written right into our laws that (supposedly) guarantees our rights to work, fail, learn, own and use the land properly to produce goods,  succeed in business and keep what we earn, thereby becoming wealthy like the European elite and enjoy the benefits. In America we have had rights that most of the rest of the world haven't had until just recently, in the last 100 years. 

America has been the "real world" that the rest of the world has dreamed about becoming. Why? Because of the freedoms and liberty we enjoy. 

The "Elite" of the world, people who consider themselves smarter than the rest of us, want control of the wealth of the earth. The fact that the regular American family can own and control land and thereby become rich like them chafes them. They find it irritating. Some have combined forces to take land ownership away from American families.

If the regular family cannot own the land they live on they cannot progress, they cannot build and prosper because they own nothing permanent. They can own only personal possessions. They own nothing "real", such as real estate, the land from which all wealth comes. THAT is why America is so prosperous (or at least has been), because the average family could OWN AND WORK THE LAND UPON WHICH THEY LIVE. With owned LAND a family has a REAL estate upon which to live, build, prosper and enjoy the benefits of that prosperity, keeping it and passing it on to posterity upon which they can build. 

LAND OWNERSHIP IS THE AMERICAN DREAM. Not just home ownership, as in a condominium or townhouse. They are pure liability, taking cash out of the owner's pocket just to maintain. 

LAND OWNERSHIP is the "Real World" I refer to that puts the common family into the ranks of the Elite. Any person who can turn land into money is strong and capable of being independently wealthy. It is LAND OWNERSHIP that provides THE POWER OF INDEPENDENCE. Again, home ownership alone does not for home ownership chains a person to an employer who provides work and pay enough for the home owner to pay the costs of living. The LAND OWNER can be his/her own employer and independently earn and supply his/her own costs of living, depending on the amount of land owned and the intelligent labor supplied by the owner. 

I write this in the hopes that my fellow Americans will awake to the risks that face us. The bankers, who are the "Elite", want to control, if not own outright, as much land as they can. By manipulating the governments, the markets, the media, the lending institutions and other powerful controlling organizations, they own the real property - land - and through the laws and regulations they control much of the rest, making the regular family mere tenants, renters, employed debt-slaves, sharecroppers instead of share-holders. There lies the ULTIMATE END RESULT of the dangers that face us.

In my next blog, I'll remind you of "The Reality of Money", what it is, how to create it. Yes, I said create it, not mint or print it. Haven't you ever said, "I need to make some money"? Surely, you have heard someone say, "That person really knows how to make money!" Right. I'll talk with you again soon.

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