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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Karatbars Gold Card is a good replacement of value for paper currencies.

The Karatbars Gold Card is a good replacement of value for paper currencies. If you want to prosper you can
  1. Convert some of your paper money for gold money
  2. Receive payment for helping other people convert some of their paper money for gold money.
There is nothing that can be done about the falling value of the US dollar and the other paper, tax/debt based currencies around the world. They will all ultimately collapse and other currencies will need to be instated within the economies in order for industry and business to continue. Until currencies are replaced with a stable form of money again, such as gold and silver, they will continue to devalue until they are not trusted as legal tender by the economic market at large.

At that time, actually, the people will continue to not have any control at all over the market value of their currency. They will just see that prices rise and RISE. $1 dollar bills might be completely worthless because virtually nothing will be valued under $10, even what used to be penny candy, if it is available. This has happened in many countries where hyper-inflation takes place. Products become unavailable because the businesses that supplied the products go out of business due to lack of capital because the money they had set aside to run their businesses becomes of insufficient value to restock supplies.

Suddenly store shelves become empty exceedingly rapidly. People get paid and rush to the store to buy whatever they can before either the price goes up or the store shelves empty. Argentina, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, Cypress, Egypt, just to name a few nations this has happened to within just the last TWO decades! When will the same thing happen to your nation?

Protect yourselves by converting some of your currency savings into tangible goods and real money such as needed household goods, long lasting food stuffs, i.e. grains, legumes, sugars, salts, seasonings, cooking oils (vegetable oil, olive oil, corn oil), dried or canned meats, sausages, cheeses, etc. Also make sure you have some gold and silver on hand for easy buying of things paper money won't pay for. When a US Mint 1964 (or earlier) silver quarter in in 1964 buys a gallon of gasoline and again in 2014 still buys a gallon of gasoline, what do you think that same silver quarter will buy in a time of hyper-inflation when a gallon of gasoline costs $15?

The value of silver will have risen such that a 1964 US silver quarter will be worth about $15. History repeats itself; it is predictable.

So what will you do with your devaluing paper currency now? I hope you will be converting a portion of it into a savings vehicle that will be of the same value when you use it as when you save it. Such vehicles are gold, silver, commodities with long storage life and other articles with intrinsic usage. Now is the time to prepare. Now is the time to make the trade.

I'll keep you posted.

Friday, March 14, 2014

How Many Ways Are There to Get Rich?

You have to be kidding me? How many ways are there to get rich? Only twelve? No!

According to Napoleon Hill, one of the great authors of the 20th century there are only Twelve Great Riches. Among those financial wealth is counted as last in importance. And knowledgeable men like Zig Ziglar say "Money is as important as AIR!" How could money be the least valuable of the 12 Great Riches?

What say we Review them?

      Your mind is that part of your spiritual self that is housed in the brain and it is the greatest gift, Napoleon Hill says, given to us by the Great Creator. Our mind, our thoughts, which are literally of our own personal creation are the only things over which we individually have 100% control. Our thoughts are literally the very seeds from which gestate our every achievement or our every failure. "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it CAN achieve." Notice Mr. Hill does not say "WILL achieve". Only when the thoughts are cultivated in the rich soil of a positive mental attitude can they germinate and grow into rich abundance.
      This needs no explanation but you notice how high on the list Mr. Hill places this form of riches. Every person of ill health and great wealth says something like, "I'd trade all my wealth just to be healthy" and unfortunately too many people in the medical profession take them at their word.
      Mr. Hill repeatedly states that he all too often met and interviewed very rich, very unhappy people who had no loved ones to associate with. In their pursuit of  wealth they cultivated their business successfully at the expense of good relationships with family be they their spouse(s) (often several, even many spouses), children, siblings, etc. Friendships were not cultivated, seeds of love were not sown, only business relationships were cultivated therefore upon wealthy retirement there was nothing except cold, lifeless stuff to keep them company. Cuddling IN a car is warm and pleasant. Cuddling a car is a cold comparison, and often dirty and oily.
      Napoleon Hill delineates these as fear of poverty, ill health, criticism, the loss of love, the loss of liberty, the fear of old age and finally fear of death. I suppose it really does not service anything to mention that many people declare they would rather die than speak or perform in public. I suppose if it came right down to it most people would prefer to give that speech to taking that bullet (he says with a wink and a little smirk ;-)
      Everyone needs something to look forward to upon awakening. It has become well known that retirees who have nothing to look forward to putting productive effort to each day die within just a few years. Hope, however, in not enough. That hope must be accompanies with #6.

More on this tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting Rich by Saving Real Money -- GOLD

Have you wondered how to get rich by saving real money?

How exactly can you do that? You must buy -- Gold.

 Not just any gold. You must save real money, that is 24karat or 999.9 fine, pure gold. THAT is real money. The paper stuff is just that -- paper stuff.

You probably know that the value of every fiat currency in the world is rapidly devaluing. We call it "inflation" You also know that, although the price of gold goes up and down, gold retains its value -- its buying power -- over the decades. What you could buy with a $35 ounce of gold in 1950 you can still buy today with an ounce of gold. That is because the price of gold is no longer only $35, currently, as of March 08 2014) the spot price of gold is $1,340.

If you want to truly save money and get rich you must make certain your money retains its buying power as gold always has over the decades and centuries. The question remains: how is the best way to buy gold? Do you buy paper that is based on gold?
Gold Certificate US Treasury circa 1880's (thereabouts)
 Of course, the US treasury is no longer selling this type of gold certificate. There are many other financial organizations that claim to back their certificates with gold. It is too bad that so many companies have defrauded people by selling more certificates than they had gold to cover. How do you protect yourself? Do you just buy ounces by the round or the bar and store it in your vault? Are there other ways?

Well, yes and yes.

Rounds, bars and ingots of gold will preserve your wealth, there is no question, notwithstanding the spot price fluctuates just like every other commodity. However, over the decades and generations gold has proven to be one of the more sound and secure ways to preserve wealth. Gold is money whereas paper is currency that is supposedly based upon some other secure money or form of wealth. The fiat paper "money" the world uses IS NOT SAFE OR SECURE. Too many fiat currencies have proven to devalue by way of inflation always, ALWAYS causing severe loss of wealth from those who base their personal wealth upon that paper. 100% of the fiat currencies have failed within between 60 and 100 years, that is 3-5 generations.

In other words, fathers who were raised with a secure currency system are conned by their government to trade with paper that is based  upon the secure currency. Their children also do business using that paper and the government learns it can print more certificates than it has real value, be it silver or gold or both. So it does print more fiat paper than it has value to back it up, thus devaluing the purchasing power of the paper. Inflation increases which is proof of the devaluing of the paper. This is confusing to the population so they disregard the process much to their personal loss.

This continues until the government decides to remove the need for the real value to back the paper "money", duping the population that the value of the money is based upon the wealth of the country, meaning the government's ability to tax the people, sucking their wealth directly from their wallets giving them nothing in return. Instead of being an "IOU" of real wealth, the government certificates are actually notes that say, virtually, "I owe you, if you were going to come into a bank to demand it, let's say $100 of real wealth, real money BUT YOU OWE ME for the products and services the government creates and must pay for, therefore YOU MUST PAY (AND YOUR PROGENY MUST ALSO PAY) IN TAXES until our debts are all paid, so DON'T ASK FOR REAL MONEY, YOU WON'T GET IT."

Why should you store that kind of "money"?

The next generations might still try to trust the government issue, or "specie", but savvy businesspersons will learn that fiat money is losing them money so they will begin to stop using it, demanding real value in exchange for the real value product or service they provide. Thus, pretty soon, in that generation or the next, the people will demand more and more of the currency in use because they will realize it really has no true value.

EVERY fiat currency in history has gone this route. EVERY fiat currency WILL go this route because people's natural tendencies remain constant over the centuries. Human nature will not suddenly change after 6,000 or 6,000,000 years. History will repeat itself again. The question is: will you lose your wealth when the dollar or the euro or your currency value drops to zero because it is based upon the taxes of the people? Where will your wealth be when the great drop happens?

Will your wealth be in paper or will it be in gold (or silver)so that when the hyper-inflation hits, as historically it ALWAYS has?
Here is another question: will you be able to take your wealth, your money, to the grocery store or the gas-mart for a fill-up or will you need to find the broker to convert your $2,500+/oz coins or bars into spendable currency? When you need $500 worth of bread & eggs & milk will you need the shopkeeper to give you $2,000+ change for your 1-ounce coin? Isn't there another way?

Yes there is. there are the 1-gram, 2.5 gram, and 5 gram Karatbar cards that have that weight of 999.9 pure gold bullion imbedded in the card. The certificate attached verifies the purity and weight. The idea is that the card is REAL MONEY, not a paper certificate, not a debit or credit card . It is a true Gold Card whose value is in the 24Karat gold imbedded in the card.
When you buy a Karatbars Gold card, any one of many to choose from, you are literally trading devaluing fiat, debt/tax based paper for real money of APPRECIATING nature.

Learn more at www.RealProsperityNow.Info

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Putting Money into Gold -- Now is a good time.

I am told that less than 1% of the world population puts money, substantial money, into gold. Most of the world is still living under the government edict that gold cannot be used for legal tender, only government issue notes can be used to settle debts and business transactions.

Gold was made illegal for general currency in the United States by government edict in the early 1930's when the New Deal was brought into effect under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the government decided that it needed more control over the money supply. They determined that people who were "hoarding gold" were keeping the economy from growing (this was in the low point of the Great Depression) and therefore on April 5, 1933 the president issued Executive Order 6102, ""forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States". The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation in the USA.

People were forced by this Kingly Edict, that preceded the Gold Reserve Act by a full ten months, to turn all their gold, including gold certificates, in to the banks in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes or face stiff fines and jail time. This was supposed to free up the  money supply, to "liquify" the gold, so to speak, and put the cash into circulation, thus strengthening the economy.  It didn't really work, though. The Great Depression dragged on for another 8 years and didn't really come to an end until America was forced into massive production due to World War II. Only then did money begin to flow because of the huge government contracts for ships, armaments, airplanes, infantry and personnel equipment, etc.

The conversion of gold currency into paper debt currency did not kick the economy into action. Peoplel hoarded their FED notes just as they hoarded their gold (a Federal Reserve "note" was at the time a form of  promissory note that, at that time, often declared that they could be traded back for either gold or silver upon demand).  Even with the fact that the gold, which market value was $20/oz, was traded in at a value of $35 per oz, thereby giving the "gold hoarders" a 75% increase for their bank account, the money was not always put in the banks. The memories of bank runs and closures of 1929-1933 were very fresh and painful in the minds of most adult Americans. They did not trust the banks, not even the Federal reserve system which people even now mistaken to be a government, or Federal, controlled bank.

The people simply did not trust what they could not control, i.e. the economy, the banks, the "system". This holds true today. People today do not save money because of many reasons, one of which is the distrust toward a system they cannot control. People realize the value of their money  is depreciating so fast due to inflation, and there is no value gained by keeping their money in the banks, they might as well spend the money in order to get some benefit from what is purchased. Unfortunately this leaves the people always at the beginning line. So, why gold?

Gold has for almost as long as written history been the trusted medium of exchange. Those who had gold had power. They could, and still can, purchase everything from false loyalty to real estate upon which the troops were housed. People, land, houses, and gold. Even with land and houses, people were still mostly impoverished without gold even when their land gave them enough to eat. The gold is the tool that brings wealth and power to get things and to get things done.

"Who has the gold makes the rules" is the golden rule of the world, and it holds true in most cases. It may not be the spiritual rule of love (which rule I fully agree with and seek to adhere to) but it is definitely a rule that applies in many or most situations in which we find ourselves.

I'll go into greater depth in my next posting. In the meanwhile, God Bless and good luck.
Cameron Sevy

Saturday, December 21, 2013

America -- the land of Opportunity -- owned by the Federal Government

Did you know that about a third of the land mass of the USA, basically all the states from Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico west to the Pacific, is owned by the Federal Government. 80% of Nevada is Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land.The State and private owners control 20%.

According to the Congressional Research Service's Federal Land Ownership report of February 8, 2012, The Fed. Government controls the following percentage of land in the following western states: 
Alaska -------------- 61.8%, 
Arizona ------------- 42.3%
California ----------- 47.7%
Colorado ----------- 36.2%
Dist. of Columbia --- 21.6%
Hawaii  ------------- 20.3%
Idaho --------------- 61.7%
Montana ------------ 28.9%
Nevada ------------- 81.1%
New Mexico ------- 34.7%
Oregon ------------- 53.0%
Utah ---------------- 66.5%
Washington --------- 28.5%
Wyoming ----------- 48.2%

The government is broke and deeply in debt. The people are unemployed in greater numbers than ever seen in the USA, land prices are sky high. In one decade I watched a $50,000 house sale value shoot to greater than double, all from simple speculation and market manipulation by government lending organizations.Higher prices = far greater mortgage interest payments and the wealth transfer accelerated like seen only when money markets are manipulated by the powers that control the money supply.

Wealth transfer. That is what the government wants to control and they know that land is the most secure wealth there is along with gold and silver reserves, and perhaps precious stones and art but art takes a lot of room and stones are a very specialized market. What the government wants is enough control over land so as to control the most precious commodities -- food and manufacturing materials. Housing is important, too, but the government knows they can cram people into tight little "flats", stuffing 50+ people to an acre of land.

What does this have to do with you? Everything. With the Government having so much control over so much of the land, space that produces nothing, property no one works or mines or drills or grows anything on, all we get from this land is the cost of management with no return. Great loss if not complete loss of trillions per year, not just from actual costs but also from lost possible yield if people were allowed to work the land. That is Dead Loss.

The solution is to bring back the Homestead Act that President Abraham Lincoln pushed through Congress and the Senate, or something akin to it where people could obtain for a very small fee a substantial piece of property to work and make productive. The Homestead Act remained in effect until it was repealed in 1976, with provisions for homesteading in Alaska until 1986. Alaska was one of the last places in the country where homesteading remained a viable option into the latter part of the 1900s.  I sought to homestead a place shortly after getting out of high school 1974 only to find the opportunity had been repealed just months before I began considering the option. Boy, was I angry! 

To think that for more than 100 years America had grown and prospered under the Lincoln Homestead Act and with so much of the west still unsettled and unproductive the government had "seen fit" to repeal the act. What a crying shame.

Call, write or email your elected representatives and the whole presidential administration instructing them to reinstitute the Homestead Act or create an equivalent version and implement it as soon as possible. If they will do this America will soon be back on the path of prosperity because people will begin thinking of working for themselves and being productive for themselves again instead of just working a job for someone else. That was the American Dream -- to build your own "empire", no matter the size. 

Will the government actually allow it? 

I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lost Liberties of America

My daughter, an airman, suggested we post the Pledge of Allegiance.
I do pledge my Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands: One nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

I echo her suggestion that, if you agree, make the pledge on your own FB page.

One little girl responded:

 "Guess people here are forgetting about the separation of church and state again. How about we all pledge allegiance to one nation under Allah? No? How bout Mithra? No, still not thrilled about it? How do you think they feel about it? What about how Buddhists who don't have a belief in any gods feel? Or pagans who believe in many gods? If you want your freedom of religion defended, protect that of others as well."

When others supported the "Under God" statement with comments about the Founding Fathers being Christian and America being founded to provide freedom of religion she responded again with,

 "In god we trust and under god were not added until the whole Cold War thing. You can look it up. And if you look into the founding fathers some of them were pretty much entirely disdainful of Christianity. Thomas Jefferson for example. The pledge, and public schools are government institutions. By mandating saying the pledge, particularly with"under god" in it, the government would be endorsing and promoting a specific religion, thus forcing the religious views of some, on all."

Amid the responses to this girl was this one:
"How many names are there for God? How many people believe in an Higher Power without giving "it" a name? If we all (95% of Americans) who believe in God say "I believe in God", does that take away your right to not believe or even disbelieve? No.

Have you studied the old histories (not the newly written histories) that tell of how many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were preachers and ministers of the Gospel? Have you read of how many of the Presidents attended church services under the Dome of the Capitol Building when it was used by several denominations for services, including on Saturday? Even President Thomas Jefferson, who called for the preacher to administer the Sacrament to him while he lay on his deathbed?

Much can be learned about the USA and God and even the Holy Bible at 

Did you know that Congress paid for the publishing of the Holy Bible, built a church and paid for the minister, instructed that the Holy Bible be taught in public schools, and authorized support for many other religious activities before the anti-god movement of the 1960's?

May I gently recommend you learn more about what both the "Separation of Church and State" and the 1st Amendment means before speaking to the subject. You have your rights to disbelieve or not believe. Please allow others their rights to speak our beliefs without thinking others' beliefs are unprotected.

True believers in a Just, a Fair and a Good God must (I believe) allow all people their rights to peaceably believe, speak and live as they choose. No matter their professed religion. Government has the duty to protect those rights, not by reducing support for religion but by increasing such support equally for all so long as the religion honors the just laws of the land and protects the rights of believers and non-believers of that religion alike.

Any government that restricts the rights of the people in the free exercise of their religion MUST BE CORRECTED through legal means else the moral basis of that government will erode away until it is found to be THE DESTROYER of ALL the rights and liberties of the people.  This is the current destructive position of the Federal government of the U.S.A., according to my observations. 

May God bless and Protect the American States United under God.
God Bless America!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Truly, It is Better to Give. But What is Best to Give?

Here are some thoughts many of us forget: In order to give to charity, the Giver must first obtain something to give.

The next question is: How does the giver obtain that something?

What is the best answer? 

How about: Create new Wealth and sell it to happy end-users for a wise and healthy profit.

Here is a brief, slightly edited portion of a report I just received: 

We can't give unless we (or someone) first creates. Yet wealth creators are encouraged to feel guilt. "Bill Gates, or any billionaire, for that matter," Yaron Brook, author of "Free Market Revolution" ..., said on my TV show, "how did they become a billionaire? By creating a product or great service that benefits everybody. And we know it benefits us because we pay for it. We pay less than what it's worth to us. That's why we trade — we get more value than what we give up. So, our lives are better off. Bill Gates improved hundreds of millions of lives around the world. That's how he became a billionaire."

Gates walks in the footprints of earlier creators, like John D. Rockefeller, who got rich by lowering the price of oil products, and Cornelius Vanderbilt, who did the same for transportation. The
clueless media called them robber barons, but they were neither robbers nor barons.

They and other
creators didn't just give us products to improve our lives, they also employed people. That's charity that keeps on giving, because employees keep working and keep supporting their families. "That's not charity," Brook said. "(It's) another trade. You pay your employees and get something in return. But the employee is better off, and you are better off.

"And when you start thinking about the multiplier effect, $50 billion for Bill Gates? That's nothing compared to the value he added to the world...." Gates now donates billions and applies his critical thinking skills to charity. He tested ideas in education, like small high schools, and dumped them when they didn't work. Good....  

Brook points out that Gates gets credit for his charity, but little credit for having created wealth. "Quite the contrary," Brook said. "We sent the Justice Department to go after him. He's considered greedy, in spite of all the hundreds of millions of people he's helped, because he benefited at the same time. (When) he shifted to charity, suddenly he's a good guy. My complaint is not that he's doing the charity. It's that we as a society value not the creation, not the building, not the accumulation of wealth. … What [society values] is the charity. Yes, it's going to have good impact, but is that what's important? … Charity is fine, but not the source of virtue. The source of virtue is the creation and the building." 

I can just hear people declare how inappropriate it is for a businessman to "Make a PROFIT!", saying "profit" with a sick, derisive sneer, with disgust. 

That is backed up by the declaration that a person who built a business didn't build it, other people built it. The implication is that it is wrong for a business man to take credit for guiding his employees' actions so they grow the business. That implies the employer didn't build the business, the employees did.

While this is correct in practicum, it is technically incorrect. The employees, left to their own thoughts and whims or desires, would likely drive the business into default and bankruptcy because they cannot, thus DO NOT see the big picture with the charted goals to achieve. With no unifying, directional vision the employees would act more like grasshoppers than bees, hopping around eating up resources instead of working unitedly under the boss's (queen bee's) authority or direction, gathering raw product and converting it into finished "honey."

There is no charity available from a grasshopper. Only producers can be charitable. 

 So who should we value more, the producer or the giver?

Government administrators and the mainstream news media teach us to value the giver. Give! Give! Give!l It is bad to take a profit! It is bad, they say, to be a "Robber Baron" who becomes very rich by selling product and service for a profit. Only when profits are given away are they good, we are told. 

This is wrong. 

While "it is better to give than to receive" is very true, it only applies in the appropriate setting. That setting is when everyone involved can be altruistic. Altruism in people is wonderful, and it is rare. The world is generally NOT altruistic. The world is generally whipping from the two sides of self-serving and other-serving. Both sides are needed; it is balance between the two that is the challenge and only in productive business can that balance be achieved. Here is why...

Self-serving business is most successful when the "self-server" serves others what they want and need. Otherwise the self-server, being alone, is extremely limited by single capacity in what can be produced. Everyone needs products to consume, for to live is to consume something everyday. A productive self-server must serve others, and that in accord with other servers, in order to produce more, distribute more and receive more in return. The return is profit.  Without profit the process cannot continue to grow as society grows.

An "other-server" who gives everything away for free ends up with nothing to consume. Living by the implication that profit is bad and that living for one's self is bad, the other-server, if s/he produces anything tangible must give it away in order to feel any self-worth. Only if some other, more wealthy other-server#2 gives other-server#1 a wage or salary will s/he end up with anything to live on. Very often, #2 is either a charity or government administrator, both being funded by self-serving, product-producing, profit-generating "robber barons" (God Help them!).

The  moral of this article is this whole article is this: 



If you truly want to serve others ... 
if you truly want to GIVE THE MOST ...  
if you truly want to BE THE MOST ALTRUISTIC ...