Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Karatbars Gold Card is a good replacement of value for paper currencies.

The Karatbars Gold Card is a good replacement of value for paper currencies. If you want to prosper you can
  1. Convert some of your paper money for gold money
  2. Receive payment for helping other people convert some of their paper money for gold money.
There is nothing that can be done about the falling value of the US dollar and the other paper, tax/debt based currencies around the world. They will all ultimately collapse and other currencies will need to be instated within the economies in order for industry and business to continue. Until currencies are replaced with a stable form of money again, such as gold and silver, they will continue to devalue until they are not trusted as legal tender by the economic market at large.

At that time, actually, the people will continue to not have any control at all over the market value of their currency. They will just see that prices rise and RISE. $1 dollar bills might be completely worthless because virtually nothing will be valued under $10, even what used to be penny candy, if it is available. This has happened in many countries where hyper-inflation takes place. Products become unavailable because the businesses that supplied the products go out of business due to lack of capital because the money they had set aside to run their businesses becomes of insufficient value to restock supplies.

Suddenly store shelves become empty exceedingly rapidly. People get paid and rush to the store to buy whatever they can before either the price goes up or the store shelves empty. Argentina, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, Cypress, Egypt, just to name a few nations this has happened to within just the last TWO decades! When will the same thing happen to your nation?

Protect yourselves by converting some of your currency savings into tangible goods and real money such as needed household goods, long lasting food stuffs, i.e. grains, legumes, sugars, salts, seasonings, cooking oils (vegetable oil, olive oil, corn oil), dried or canned meats, sausages, cheeses, etc. Also make sure you have some gold and silver on hand for easy buying of things paper money won't pay for. When a US Mint 1964 (or earlier) silver quarter in in 1964 buys a gallon of gasoline and again in 2014 still buys a gallon of gasoline, what do you think that same silver quarter will buy in a time of hyper-inflation when a gallon of gasoline costs $15?

The value of silver will have risen such that a 1964 US silver quarter will be worth about $15. History repeats itself; it is predictable.

So what will you do with your devaluing paper currency now? I hope you will be converting a portion of it into a savings vehicle that will be of the same value when you use it as when you save it. Such vehicles are gold, silver, commodities with long storage life and other articles with intrinsic usage. Now is the time to prepare. Now is the time to make the trade.

I'll keep you posted.

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