Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting Rich by Saving Real Money -- GOLD

Have you wondered how to get rich by saving real money?

How exactly can you do that? You must buy -- Gold.

 Not just any gold. You must save real money, that is 24karat or 999.9 fine, pure gold. THAT is real money. The paper stuff is just that -- paper stuff.

You probably know that the value of every fiat currency in the world is rapidly devaluing. We call it "inflation" You also know that, although the price of gold goes up and down, gold retains its value -- its buying power -- over the decades. What you could buy with a $35 ounce of gold in 1950 you can still buy today with an ounce of gold. That is because the price of gold is no longer only $35, currently, as of March 08 2014) the spot price of gold is $1,340.

If you want to truly save money and get rich you must make certain your money retains its buying power as gold always has over the decades and centuries. The question remains: how is the best way to buy gold? Do you buy paper that is based on gold?
Gold Certificate US Treasury circa 1880's (thereabouts)
 Of course, the US treasury is no longer selling this type of gold certificate. There are many other financial organizations that claim to back their certificates with gold. It is too bad that so many companies have defrauded people by selling more certificates than they had gold to cover. How do you protect yourself? Do you just buy ounces by the round or the bar and store it in your vault? Are there other ways?

Well, yes and yes.

Rounds, bars and ingots of gold will preserve your wealth, there is no question, notwithstanding the spot price fluctuates just like every other commodity. However, over the decades and generations gold has proven to be one of the more sound and secure ways to preserve wealth. Gold is money whereas paper is currency that is supposedly based upon some other secure money or form of wealth. The fiat paper "money" the world uses IS NOT SAFE OR SECURE. Too many fiat currencies have proven to devalue by way of inflation always, ALWAYS causing severe loss of wealth from those who base their personal wealth upon that paper. 100% of the fiat currencies have failed within between 60 and 100 years, that is 3-5 generations.

In other words, fathers who were raised with a secure currency system are conned by their government to trade with paper that is based  upon the secure currency. Their children also do business using that paper and the government learns it can print more certificates than it has real value, be it silver or gold or both. So it does print more fiat paper than it has value to back it up, thus devaluing the purchasing power of the paper. Inflation increases which is proof of the devaluing of the paper. This is confusing to the population so they disregard the process much to their personal loss.

This continues until the government decides to remove the need for the real value to back the paper "money", duping the population that the value of the money is based upon the wealth of the country, meaning the government's ability to tax the people, sucking their wealth directly from their wallets giving them nothing in return. Instead of being an "IOU" of real wealth, the government certificates are actually notes that say, virtually, "I owe you, if you were going to come into a bank to demand it, let's say $100 of real wealth, real money BUT YOU OWE ME for the products and services the government creates and must pay for, therefore YOU MUST PAY (AND YOUR PROGENY MUST ALSO PAY) IN TAXES until our debts are all paid, so DON'T ASK FOR REAL MONEY, YOU WON'T GET IT."

Why should you store that kind of "money"?

The next generations might still try to trust the government issue, or "specie", but savvy businesspersons will learn that fiat money is losing them money so they will begin to stop using it, demanding real value in exchange for the real value product or service they provide. Thus, pretty soon, in that generation or the next, the people will demand more and more of the currency in use because they will realize it really has no true value.

EVERY fiat currency in history has gone this route. EVERY fiat currency WILL go this route because people's natural tendencies remain constant over the centuries. Human nature will not suddenly change after 6,000 or 6,000,000 years. History will repeat itself again. The question is: will you lose your wealth when the dollar or the euro or your currency value drops to zero because it is based upon the taxes of the people? Where will your wealth be when the great drop happens?

Will your wealth be in paper or will it be in gold (or silver)so that when the hyper-inflation hits, as historically it ALWAYS has?
Here is another question: will you be able to take your wealth, your money, to the grocery store or the gas-mart for a fill-up or will you need to find the broker to convert your $2,500+/oz coins or bars into spendable currency? When you need $500 worth of bread & eggs & milk will you need the shopkeeper to give you $2,000+ change for your 1-ounce coin? Isn't there another way?

Yes there is. there are the 1-gram, 2.5 gram, and 5 gram Karatbar cards that have that weight of 999.9 pure gold bullion imbedded in the card. The certificate attached verifies the purity and weight. The idea is that the card is REAL MONEY, not a paper certificate, not a debit or credit card . It is a true Gold Card whose value is in the 24Karat gold imbedded in the card.
When you buy a Karatbars Gold card, any one of many to choose from, you are literally trading devaluing fiat, debt/tax based paper for real money of APPRECIATING nature.

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