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Real Preparedness Now

       I subscribe to several newsletters and reports that keep my mind alert to things going on around us. Some of the events and issues have dire effect on our lives. While few of the reviewed subjects are new to me or are surprises, the scope of the information seems to increase at an ever increasingly alarming dimension. For example, the following is from a report by Porter Stansburry. He wrote:
       My single biggest financial concern is the loss of the dollar as the reserve currency. I can't imagine anything more disastrous to our country… you're already seeing things in the markets that are suggesting that confidence in the dollar is waning… I think you could see a 25% reduction in the standard of living in this country if the U.S. dollar was no longer the world's reserve currency. That's how valuable it is.
       Americans now owe $56 trillion in total debt, much of it held by foreign investors. We must spend $3.5 trillion each year on interest. That is already more than the federal government spends, in total.
I do not exaggerate when I tell you we cannot afford these debts. We will never be able to repay these debts – already equal to roughly four times our country's GDP.
       These things are very troubling to me. How do you prepare for a 25% reduction in the national standard of living? What does that even look like? Already gasoline has arbitrarily increased in price from $2.79 to $3.39 for regular in our area. It is more in other parts of the country. We are told thta the recent tsunamis in Japan and along the adjacent coasts will have some sort of effect on our economy, although no one knows exactly what. How does a family prepare for the expected unknown?
       There is only one source of information I know of the I trust without any fear. All other counsel is compared to that from this source and judged accordingly. When investors tell me to use the equity in my home and put it to work while putting me into debt, I put that counsel against my trusted source that advises to pay off all personal debt and live debt free, including, perhaps most of all, my house. I do not borrow against my house. Period. It is literally "money in the bank" but it is money that has the highest interest possible: safety, security and peace of mind. No matter what, we sleep peacefully knowing we won't ever be at risk of missing a monthly payment other than taxes and insurance. That is high interest in our benefit!
       Another bit of counsel from my trusted source is to own assets that can be put to immediate use in time of dire trouble. Assets such as food, water, medicines, cleaning agents, tools, extra fuel of many sorts, extra clothing, etc. Some people call such preparation "hoarding". Those people are normally, I think, the uneducated unprepared. However, if such preparation is hoarding, I am "guilty as charged", and will remain so for I will do what is required to protect my family from a 25% downturn in our economy. Will you?
       With our government leaders refusing to listen to the people, forcing through the legislative body of the nation 2,000 page bills that the voters haven't seen, much less read, and with those presidential administrators writing executive orders without any legislative checks or balances, "we the People" are clearly not in any position of control. We are 100% at risk. Our federal president is acting more like either a puppet or a king, neither of which is acceptable nor what we voted him into office to be. What can be done to prepare for the downsizing expected by unprecedented federal debt and the financially unstable actions of the federal so-called "leadership"?
       When there is nothing to do but "ride out the coming tide", we had best have a strong and protective vessel upon which to depend. Who can be trusted from whose counsel to gain the best and proper instructions to follow, instructions on how to best be prepared for the coming dangerous times.  I'll tell you. 
       It is the prophets of God.
       Who are the prophets to listen to? They are scriptural prophets, ancient and modern. 
       Modern? Modern prophets of God? Are there actually any prophets of God who speak as they did of old, men who say, "Thus saith the Lord"? Do these men actually give counsel regarding these economic times? 
       The answer is a resounding, "YES!"
       There are and have been such men for the last 180 years and their counsel has ever been the same: 
1. Live within your means. Spend less than you earn. Be thrifty. As you earn, give 1/10th back to God in charitable gifts and to your church, then save some out of every source of revenue. Save for a "rainy day". Have an emergency fund. Prepare for retirement. Live and prepare from within your means.
2. Remain out of debt. The only justifiable personal debts are for personal needs such as housing, education and a tools of production, such as a vehicle, perhaps some business tools. Then pay them off as soon as possible. Save up for vacations if you want but don't go into debt for them. If credit cards are to be used, pay them off monthly. Stay out of debt personally and use credit wisely and cautiously in business for safety's sake.
3. Store supply of food and household necessities. When I was a boy, I remember the number being reduced from 3 years supply down to 2 years. Now the strong counsel is for AT LEAST a 3 month supply. I've found it interesting. It takes time and money to secure a years supply of food for a family. Are we running out of time?
4. Have a useful skill by which you can support yourself creating something useful, serviceable, marketable. Become educated and capable to be of real service to others. 
5.  Be knowledgeable of local and national emergency preparedness services. Have an emergency preparedness plan for your own family, perhaps extending that to your immediate neighborhood.
6  Have a working relationship with God. Have a relationship with the  Providential source of all that is good, your Father in Heaven. Be prepared to receive and follow immediate counsel from Him. It takes time to develop such a relationship. Get to know Him through study, prayer and listening, meditation, leaning to receive counsel from Him, trying and proving that counsel. Hearing His voice is a developed skill. There is no voice more valuable to recognize.
       I can hear the question, "Are you telling me these prophets are saying, "Thus saith the Lord, 'Live within your means! Save for a rainy day! Pay off your debts. Have a skill! If you don't ...'?" No, I've never heard one say exactly that. I just hear and read the words of counsel from a person whom I have proven to be 100% trustworthy. Every word spoken has, in the past, proven up compared with Holy Scripture. I know I can trust the counsel of the man for he has proven himself to be a true man of God. 
       I can also hear the retort, "You don't have to be a prophet to give such general counsel as that! It is certainly no proof the person saying such is a prophet of God!" I'll agree. That counsel is not proof of anyone's being anything except rather wise, particularly when the world was screaming to "Borrow, borrow, borrow, spend, spend, spend!" "Borrow against your house and put that money to work for you!" No, my prophetic counselors stayed the course, remained constant and have proven out to be correct. Again.
       There are many more points of counsel to be received from God and His Servants but I will not go into them right now. Scriptures are available to all, both ancient and modern. Email me and I'll share with you what information that I have. 
       One truth that has given me much peace in my life is that God will answer any question one is willing to diligently and patiently ask and search the answer for. There is not a question that can be asked for which there is not an answer. Put in the positive: there is an answer for every question you can ask and you can know it AND KNOW THE TRUTH of that answer. No exceptions. If you REALLY want to know, ASK ENOUGH, with respect and patience, and you will receive a totally satisfactory answer.
       SO, with the pending event of the world rejecting US dollars as the safe haven of financial security because of the foolishness of dumping trillions of them on the world market, and the strength of our economy reducing 25% or more, the need of your and my being prepared is critical, vital, of MAJOR IMPORTANCE. Are you prepared? 
       What will happen if bread becomes $100 per loaf, milk $150 per gallon, gasoline $150 per gallon, toilet paper $50 per roll? What will you do when your home value is reduced by another 25% but your mortgage payment remains the same or increases if it is an ARM? What if you are laid off because of downsizing or your employer outsources to workers who charge $3-$5/hour instead of $35/hour plus government taxes on top? 
      What if the government starts simply adding zeros to our money: $20 becomes $20,000,000 as did Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Bolivia. All in the last 100 years. Are you prepared? 
      Here is an interesting article from another concerned citizen regarding hyper inflation in the 20th century and the effect it had on people.
   Preparation is a part of Real Prosperity. 
       Below are some sources of information that others have found very helpful. I receive no compensation from any of the organizations referenced below:
Provident Living - Home Storage
Emergency Preparedness and Response - Provident Living
Emergency preparedness from soup to nuts, backpacks and tents.
Freeze Dried Food source 
       Real Preparedness Now = Real Prosperity Now.
Do you agree? 

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