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I have had a short interesting exchange with a son-in-law of mine. I'll post most of it here. It all started with my posting of a straw poll: 
I urge you to take this "straw poll" regarding this Kenyan so many Americans voted is as President.
Newsmax is conducting a poll on the topic: Should Congress Repeal Obama's Policies

My son-in-law, Ben, currently due to be released from serving in the Navy, wrote:
"do you really think he is from Kenya cam?"

I responded with the following YouTube links, all of which MUST be observed with a very critical and reasoning eye/mind:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdxbjlrdMVU as he admits his true beginning to an auditorium of students. Clever Video Editing or 'Truth Be Told' - You be the judge!!! Originally posted by: magiccasements | August 09, 2010 |
Perhaps a second witness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH4GX3Otf14&feature=related A Kenyan ambassador admitted his birthplace will be marked and recognized ... not in Hawaii, either.

Kenyan Ambassador admits Obama born in Kenya The Mike In The Morning show on WRIF radio, in Detroit, Michigan, called the Kenyan Embassy,
Ben responded (rightfully so):
"haha I'm sorry cam, the first clip is clearly edited. it shows him talking, but when it comes to him "admitting" something like that it goes to a shot of the room, and why would he admit something like that? it makes no sense lol :P the second clip they are talking to an African man who clearly didn't speak English real well. they asked him about the birth site and the African man starts talking about his paternal grandmother. but when asked again he says that it is well known in the us, neither confirming nor denying it. shaky "proof" at best. Lastly, why would the democratic party even put him in for the seat if the had questionable documents? the position of President isn't taken lightly and they would not have overlooked a huge detail like that. i had to do a massive background check just to become an E-1 in the military, and he is the Commander in Chief."

Personally, I thought the Kenyan Ambassador has a clear command of the English language but, that aside, I'll admit that any video or audio found on the Internet is very shaky proof indeed. Still, there is  too much to simply ignore.
More thoughts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru2XxW6ywas&NR=1

Hear Carl Gallups (Narrator of this video) on Live talk radio on NW FL's TALK RADIO - 1330 WEBY AM - broadcasting to a 4 state area on the Gulf Coast
And more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl1K94ALlTA&feature=related

Everybody in Kenya seems to know something about Barack Obama, that Americans don't know! Hear what they have to say about Barack Obama's religion  
Now, I'm not bent out of shape about Mr. Obama's religion, as long as he lives it as the Quran declares it. I've read enough of the Holy Quran to know that it clearly pronounces that man should love each other, be merciful to and serve each other. Mankind should serve and love the Kind and Merciful God and will in so doing earn a wonderful reward in heaven with lands, gardens, streams, beauty and peace forever. The Holy Quran also declares that Mary is the mother of Jesus who is declared to be "the Messiah". Personally I agree with everything I read in the Quran and found nothing that said  that the people of Islam should go around blowing themselves and others up. I also know that many horrific wars and slaughters have been made in the name of Jesus and every other God and god mankind has chosen to worship. It is not Gods but warped individuals who bend the lazy and weak minds of sheep-like followers who are responsible for the evils and wars in this world. I have no problem with Obama believing in Islam. I do have a problem with his lying about being a Christian. I also understand that he lied in order to become President. There is no way Americans would or will elect a person of such a different faith to be president. Not yet anyway.  Heck, Mitt Romney was put aside last election for being a "Mormon"! Nuff said on that topic.
I also submitted :

The video starts out with some content from obamasnippets.com, which, of course is contrived. And yet, there seems to be a synthetic truth about what the president says. Is he "natural born" according to the Constitution? No. The requirement is that BOTH parents need to be U. S. Citizens. Two U. S. Citizen parents produce a "natural born" citizen....
I wrote: 
So many witnesses, so many discrepancies, so much hedging, so many contradictions. His religion is of negligible importance. His honesty and credibility is of utmost importance and both are so seriously in question that his eligibility for the highest office in the land is actually non-existent. We need a qualified, experienced person of utmost integrity. Mr. Obama does not qualify on too many points and his actions are invalidating his oath of office. We need a proper replacement before hi actions can drive the government another Two TRILLION further into debt and into another couple of wars. He's a fascinating politician and an EXCELLENT orator. Let him start his own business and see if he can keep it afloat without government bail-outs.

Ben wrote back:
" i cannot deny how corrupt the government is, there is definitely shady and dishonorable things going on. in my opinion that's what happens in a capitalistic society, they love and need of money being the focus will cause people to do bad things to get ahead. speaking of corrupt and dishonorable, what about 911? you don't hear the whistle blowers on that one. you have a 16foot by 16foot hole in the pentagon with no 757 wreckage, which is a huge plane, anywhere at the crash site. that alone is cause for investigation of th entire 911 incedent. but no one cares about that, as long as we kill those terrorists and get a "little" oil while we r at it lol."
 I'm afraid here is where I shifted to a concept that is related only because this President we have seems to have the idea that government is the solution to everything, that "the super rich" people should be penalized with extra taxes so that the poor underling worker who gets so little and deserves so much can receive more via government distribution rather than by natural process of free enterprise capitalism. Mr. Obama seems to take personal credit for "leading" the federal government in "solving the country's problems". Mr. Never-been-in-business Obama does not understand free enterprise economics. Mr. Obama has never, to our knowledge, actually productively worked for his living but has lived on grants, donations, scholarships, and outside donations or salaries for non-productive "community action" jobs. He has learned how to motivate people, which is a very valuable skill. He has just never motivated anyone to create, market, sell and distribute anything useful in the business world. Thus, I waxed eloquent to my son-in-law on Facebook
I wrote:
You are on the track: large single hole in the Pentagon instead of three big holes for the plane and 2 multi-ton jet engines. No, however, free enterprise and American capitalism isn't the problem. It is the anti-thesis of this capitalism that is the problem. Money isn't the root of all evil; LOVE OF money is the root. The American "self-made" millionaire with strong religious roots sunk deep by parents who loved each other and stuck together through thick and thin, these people who tyranists denounce with all forms of degradation have historically been the most generous and charitable people in history. The huge impact of social tyranny imposed by governments grown too large and too self-serving is the problem, not free enterprise capitalism.
about an hour ago ·
A Cameron Sevy You know that governments are capitalists, don't you? Capitalism is simply the use of capital - money and tools - to get things done. There are tyrants who hoard the capital and abuse people in order to control the capital, using it to bless no one but self, using his people to create more while paying them a slave's return. There are charities who create no capital but only distribute it. There are governments which are tyrannically self-serving capitalists - accumulating by abusive taxation and distributing by paying regulators, officers, police, soldiers, tax collectors and the like (oh, and of course themselves!) special wages and benefits that the common working person cannot afford. There are very few governments that are proper capitalists which tax minimally and perform their functions to protect and preserve the natural rights of the individual capitalists who use their capital - all forms of it - to create more and more and more.

If it were not for the latter two forms of capitalists this whole world would crumble again into tribal agrarian society. It is the proper use of capital in free enterprise society by which ALL great progress is made. When tyranny controls capital society falls into self-indulgence, self-entitlement thinking, social separation into classes, internal strife and finally war and destruction. History is full of it repeating over and over. Hence the NEED for the US Constitution - the great Free Enterprise Experiment whereby government is to be very small, limited and restricted and all rights retained by the individual capitalist.

Please note: TYRANNY comes in many forms, every one of them ending in the TYRANT, be that a single person or a restricted governing body of a select class of people or a business oligarchy, controlling if not owning the majority of the capital and DISALLOWING the individual capitalist FULL FREEDOM of use and accumulation of capital.

At this point, the legal reality is that Mr. Obama does not have the Constitutional right to hold the position he holds. The practical reality is that he has not enough business nor personal experience to really lead this nation. It is clear he is a capable presenter of ideas and has many wonderful leadership skills. Mr. Obama himself, however, is quite obviously playing "Following the Leader" but is not revealing who HE is following. 

The plans and bills he says HIS administration presenting are, to anyone experienced in free enterprise capitalism, quite clearly counter-productive, actually they are DESTRUCTIVE to the growth of grass-roots economy. If he had been raised in America by American parents who lived their religion faithfully together and grew their own financial stability by free enterprise capitalism, Mr. Obama would be presenting very different ideas by which to bring this country back to prosperity. But he wasn't. He is not a natural born US American and, according to the laws of this land and specific definitions of the language of the US Constition, Mr. Barak H. Obama should be cut loose to support his family by engaging in productive free enterprise capitalism. 

These are my thoughts on the matter. I wish they would be come reality. I pray to God regularly to protect America from those who wish to destroy the foundations upon which she became so strong: 
1.  Faith in and trust in God, His precepts as taught in Holy Scripture, and his miraculous protections;
2.  Freedom for the individual to think and decide for him/herself;
3.  Liberty to acquire capital, use it freely and build good things from this earth which God graciously provided to us, His Children (not just His creations, pets or puppets);
3.  A government established by the productive commoner - not a select class of royalty - and maintained by other productive commoners elected by the common people;
4.  Limits written to constrict government from usurping the natural rights of freedom and liberty of the common producer within the lands governed.

When Americans (or any group of people) again begin living according to these points, require the elected governors to return to acting by the written restrictions, return to the people the natural liberties given by God which have been usurped by government, the people will again within two or three years create so much wealth that the economic analysts will simply gape and shake their heads in awe.

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