Saturday, December 24, 2011

$40 Tax Cut ... FOR HOW LONG?!?

I haven't followed all the antics of US Congress and our beloved president O. When I discovered the length of time this new "tax cut" is slated to last, I got, I admit, a little more than miffed.

Here is President O making a HUGE hullabaloo about how Americans will receive REAL benefits from this tax cut; they'll save (if they are earning $50,000/year) $40/paycheck, which has REAL effect in peoples' lives. While that is true, what he does NOT clearly reveal in his interviews is that the tax cut is for only two, count 'em : TWO! One, TWO MONTHS!! NOT two decades, years or even quarters of a year. At least they didn't say two weeks! 

I just had to write to mr. O the following (I know it is not politically correct but neither is this stupid tax cut!): 

Dear president obama, 

I am really quite upset with you and your cabinet and followers. Would you all please smarten up? You and your cabinet and entire group are losing your grip on reality.  

Why go to all the troubles you have gone to for only a 2-month tax relief. You make it sound like it is such a big deal. Do the people on the videos know the $40 savings will stop either Feb or March 2012? That is absolutely IDIOTIC.  

If your group is going to save people $40/paycheck, MAKE IT PERMANENT! Then and only then will it have a positive effect on the country that will actually put people back to work and help our economy. Please get smart and stop trying to only look good. Please convince your people to actually THINK! Right now all you are doing is whitewashing the outhouse. It might look good at first glance but when people look closer at what you are doing they can smell the stink. When they actually get into your legislation they can see clearly and recognize the muck that is good only to be thrown out and plowed under.  

Either start working for a truly strong America or step aside for someone who was raised in this country and has OUR best interests at heart.  

Also, Mr. President, read in your Quran of how Jesus, the son of the truly pious Mary, is named the Messiah. 

Merry Christmas, celebrating the birth of the Christ/Messiah, and God Bless America, including, of course, you and your family!

So, there you have it. Now I get to go Christmas shopping with my sweetheart. Happy Christmas to you and yours and God Bless you throughout all of 2012. And if the world comes to an end next December, may you, we, all have already overcome the world as Jesus taught and be in the Kingdom of God, growing safely as Malachi said, "as calves in a stall". Now, that is safe!

God Bless you and God Bless America.
Merry Christmas!

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