Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"On the Road Again. I Just Can't Wait to Get Back On the Road Again."

Many years ago a famous singer made a very fun song famous. Willie Nelson, a long legged, long haired singer who worked with some of the musical greats like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings among many others, who often kept his long hair in two neat braids and kept his audiences hooting and hollering all through his excellent performances sang:, "On the Road Again..."

It comes to mind after seeing the following 2 year old video about the way our national debt has been traveling from 10 trillion to $15 trillion so quickly. I believe some of the figures, the most recent figures, need updating. Mr. Obama has finally given us a budget, which he had not done, I believe, when this video was made.

Exactly how fast should our national "representatives" and "leaders" overspend our hard earned money ... and our childrens' ... and our great-great-grandchildrens' hard earned money? Shouldn't they spend within their income and balance their budgets instead of merely change things so they go into debt at 168mph instead of 174mph?
Another video caught my eye. I figure figures don't lie (although liars sure can figure) so I thought I'd share it, too. Of course this is a year old, so again the numbers are not up to date.  Take a look.

Three and a half years ago Mr. Obama promised Hope and Change. He most certainly gave us change. The questions are: are they the kinds of change we hoped for and can we happily hope for more of the same. It is absolutely certain that Mr. Obama's directors will have him delivering the same performances as we have seen this last 33 years since his inauguration.

Why do I say "his directors"? Because Mr. Obama has had no successful business experience that he points to with pride. Where did he learn economics? From his socialist books? There is not a socialist country in the world (that I know of anyway) that can adequately feed itself and is not DEEPLY in debt. Few nations, if any, so far into debt do not become enslaved in some economic way to its creditors or, worse, do not experience invasion and war.

Mr. O also has exceedingly limited congressional/political experience - only two years worth. That is not enough to learn how to run a country. Where has he learned all he "knows" that is so far above what once was once his "pay scale"? Who teaches him now? Who writes his speeches? Who is leading our "Leader"? Can we trust them? Can we trust leaders who change the country such that, contrary to US Constitutional law, "Czars" (Russian for "Kings") are put in charge of key regulatory bodies in our nation and such that the increase in our national government's debt nearly triples in speed? Who are those leaders, anyway?

Hope and Change. Three years ago the promises of Hope and Change got the Obama-Czar on the road. Now he wants to be on the road again. Hitler ran on those points during his  first election, too. It took a few extra years, a very big war, a depression, a famine and an international recovery effort to undo the changes wrought after the changes took place.

They say history repeats itself. Events show America's "leaders" are following a known road and that historians can predict coming events with accuracy precise in everything except exact timing. They say - and I hope they are wrong - that the course is irreversible, that the predicted end is unavoidable. God forbid!

Can America recover after driving off an economic cliff ... or a toward a war ... at 170 MPH?

These are my personal questions based upon personal observation, study and consideration. You do your own.

Election day is coming up soon. 

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