Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My thoughts on Inversion Tables

I read of a lady who experiences a lot of pain every day: "Severe nerve pain in my back, severe debilitating migraines accredited to the nerves, and worst of all, the sciatica ... bad hips...." The lady was asking what essential oils could be used to provide some relief and healing.

My reply has nothing to do with oils but does address the sciatica and migraine headaches and hips. Very often the cause of these pains is due to spinal mal-adjustments, chiroparactors call them sublexations. I call them kinks in the spine and skeletal structure. I found great relief by the use of an inexpensive tilt or inversion table. Buckle the ankles in place, padded with towels or whatever you have, lay back, slowly raise your hands and arms over the head until you are tilted upside down. When you bring your arms and hands back to your thighs you come back upright. You are always in total control and don't need an assistant or watcher.

Let the "exploding face" syndrome die down - the blood fills up capillaries that aren't used to that kind of filling - and soon you will feel the stresses of the kinks stretching out. It is like hanging a telephone ear/mouthpiece by the kinked and twisted spiral cord. While you won't spin around like the phone handpiece, the kinks (sublexatgions) in your skeletal structure will stretch out if they are allowed to. Hang upside down for a  few minutes of just relaxation, increasing the number of minutes with each successive "treatment". Perhaps you might move arms and neck in circles, stretching things further. When done, come back upright slowly to allow gravity and compression to take effect slowly. Relax for a minute  before getting off the tilt table and standing.

After a few hanging episodes, hours or days apart, the face will not feel like it is exploding and the spine, etc will easily stretch out. At this point, I would regularly do the inverted wild watusi to really shake things up. I found that kinks permanently clicked and pop out, leaving me feeling the natural relief of the pelvis, spine, shoulders and neck being stretched, relaxed and naturally settled into their proper places when I came upright. Ohhh, it feels so good.

In this way I saved hundreds (or thousands?) of dollars worth of professional help and pain relieving therapy and drugs. We got our inversion table at a yard sale for $15. It was one of the best financial investments we ever made and the relief from pain was incalculable. I highly recommend it.

There are discomforts at first as the sublexations, the kinks that cause so much stress and pain, stretch out. You have to trust that your body was built properly in the first place and knows the way bones are supposed to be positioned. Allow yourself to relax, nothing is going to break or come apart. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to just hang. You will hurt nothing by gentle rocking joints back and forth while hanging upside down. You are overcoming the constant effects of gravity, allowing fresh nutrients to the cells that are always squashed. That is healing. I would massage my scalp while hanging and found that, over time, my thin scalp skin became thicker and sort of spongy feeling as fresh blood got up there. I believe it slowed down my hair loss and strengthened the hair that was growing.

My hope with this is that the person who is experiencing so much pain will get long term relief and, hopefully, complete healing by the use of an inexpensive inversion table. The same effects can be achieved with just a slant-board, but you cannot go straight upside down on a slant-board, so I prefer the tilt-table.

Good Health and God Bless.
Cameron Sevy

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