Monday, November 29, 2010

Have I Done Any Good In The World Today

A major key to real prosperity is "Pay it Forward".

Everyone who has stepped outside their house anytime in the last 10 years has heard of Pay if Forward but it is likely that, if they are anything like me, they have little idea of how to put it to work for themselves. Or if it will work to help them get what they want. It seems like one of those  good ideas that sound good enough to sell to a movie maker or a book writer but won't really work in the real world. I mean, how many people do you know actually make a living by giving money away? Right?

Well, the answer, truly, is "Everyone who is earning a paycheck." That means everyone knows many people who are paying it forward and benefiting from it. So how does it work?(

It is pretty simple, really. First we have to get back to the definition of "money": what is money and how do I make more money by paying it forward?

First, consider that "money" is not just printed paper or coin, even silver or gold alone. Coin and printed bills of exchange or bank notes are one form of money called "currency" but they are not the only form of money. Money comes in many, many different forms beginning with the free money Providentially given each and every person born into this world. Consider this definition of money:


This means that your time, intellect, and physical skill are all money. You can make your personal free money more valuable by using some of your free money (time) to "sharpen the saw", as Stephen Covey (and many other people before him) put it. Here you can see how paying it forward works in the very first instance:  a person must first pay his time and energy and maybe some currency forward in order to receive greater value placed on his time, intellect and skill. Following that, a person must normally pay time and energy forward before getting currency in return. One exception to this process is in the case of paying a retainer to a person who has some certification that his/her personal service is of high value because of the price s/he has already paid in developing that value.

In other words, in almost every case you can mention, a person first paid something out first in time, energy and intellect and afterward, only afterward, received a profitable benefit. This is one way in which "Pay if Forward" is applied.

Another way it is applied is after a person has earned the desired reward, rather than receiving the reward personally, that person hands it off to another. The other person might be a complete stranger, as a matter of conjecture, it may be best that the recipient is a stranger instead of a known friend or family member. Be that as it may be opined, the act of giving the reward to another rather than keeping it for self is "Paying it Forward". That act is thought to create a "flow within the universe" with the giver  becoming a conduit through which wealth must flow thereby making that person wealthier than would have been possible had the reward been kept.

I do not have any scientific surveys or reports verifying the concept. I do know, however, by personal experience, that there is invisible power in the universe that can be activated by our thoughts and actions. The book and little movie "The Secret" that examines and promotes the concept of putting your mind to accomplishing something shows that some very influential people are convinced that the "powers that be" can be directly influenced and brought to affect the very affairs of our lives. While some may poo-poo the idea, I believe there is merit in the concept. It has been scientifically been proven that our thoughts are wavelength projections that are cast out into the invisible "ether". What are the differences in effect of sending out positive rather than negative thoughts have been studied for many years and the results tend to give credence to the ideas presented in "The Secret".  Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", David Schwartz's "The Magic of Thinking Big", Pastor Robert Shuller's "Possibility Thinking" and Earl Nightengale's "The Greatest Secret" are all written with the premise that what we think has such power as to literally create whatever lifestyle we think most about. Personally, I believe it.

So what about paying "it" forward in order to get more of "it" back? It is true. What do you want? You must pay first in order to receive later. That works in every phase of life, every system - farming, selling, education, cooking, sewing, mining, you name it. We must give first in order to receive ... well, someone must give first in order to receive. There is no free lunch; someone must and does pay everytime.

So how does this apply to Real Prosperity Now? Simple. Go to work paying something of value forward for someone's benefit. Make certain it is distributed for every recipient's benefit. If you wish, ask for something in return most of the time and just give some away some of the time, maybe 10% giving for Charity's sake. (I believe one of Benevolent Providence's names is "Charity"; the Holy Bible says God is love.) According to what I know of God, His rates of return are very high, anywhere from 3000% to millions to one. The Laws of the Harvest and the Law of Return - Cause & Effect - cannot be refuted, denied or turned off, they are immutable.

Create something good, make some new money either by yourself or in concert with others. Pay it forward, some for fee, some for free.  If you do that consistently with happy, positive thoughts you will create a flow that can be maintained for many years, even generations if a system is established whereby many people personally benefit by maintaining  that system. That flow, like a river of pure, sweet water, will support many a growing thing - other people, other systems, other societies.

If you begin at first today or if you begin again today to use your free Providential money to make new money (after all, it takes money to make money) you will immediately begin to create Real Prosperity Now, and that is what this blog is all about.

I would like to establish a system with this blog whereby I do several things:
1.   Create a forum where people can proclaim:
         a) their dreams, what they would like to accomplish;
         b) their accomplishments, what they did, how (briefly) they did it, who helped them by Paying
             something Forward;
         c) what they would like to offer as a Pay it Forward offering to someone else.
2.   Create a matching pool where gifts can meet up with dreamers needs.

If you have a great idea you are working on, I'd like to post it. You can explain it (briefly) without putting any confidential information at risk and I'll post it. You can send it to me at realprospnow@gmail.com

If you have succeeded in creating something good and helpful, useful and can be traded, let me know by email. If you received help from a mentor or someone who "Paid it Forward" (PIF) tell us about it in an email at realprospnow@gmail.com

If you have prospered greatly and would like to be of some help to someone, let me know what, where, why, who, when, and how. I'll collaborate with you to be of service to others. My services are my way of paying it forward; I trust the Laws of Return. Email me with your PIF proposal at realprospnow@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing and sharing many wonderful stories of dreams, success and people helping people through Paying It Forward (PIF).

God Bless America with Real Prosperity Now.

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