Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kingdom of Heaven?

I have been reading some of the posts on a blog from the relatively new kingdom of Papaa'la, Bougainville Island, Me'ekamui, Ophir. Now, the title Ophir is a Biblical name and is purported to be the name given to the island by King Solomon, King David's son. I don't have much to say about that. You can read about it yourself.

What I will say is that I am impressed with what the current king, His Majesty King David Peii II says about what the autonomous government stands for and is establishing. It can be read by clicking here. If you read it all, I believe you will discover exactly how you really feel about living according to Biblical standards.
Let me ask, are you willing to eschew the old Roman calendar, the names of months and days in favor of names that remind you of God's dealings with and gifts to us? Are you interested in joining learning more about an organization that seeks to establish a sovereign land that is built upon the teachings of scripture?

I am still examining Bougainville and the International Bank of Meekamui (IBOM) which offers fantastically high rates of interest. The Royal Savings account, the regular savings, offers 17% interest PER MONTH! Can this be real? How can they offer 204% per year? That is not the highest rate the IBOM offers! Can their proclamations be true?

I've read reports on the Internet by people saying it is a scam but, to date, I haven't seen any PROOF that what they offer is false. All the critics did is exactly the same as what IBOM did: they proclaimed. Proclamation is not proof. You know that just because someone SAYS something is A,B or C, does not prove that it is.

I am looking for the disinterested 3rd party who says, "Yes, we do business with IBOM. They have proven to be honest and effective in all they do." If the statement is less than that, stating that IBOM is less than safe, secure and trustworty, I need to know that, no matter how much I would prefer the positive. Truth is what matters, especially when dealing with people's lives, and their money is directly linked to their lives! I want to know the truth about the International Bank of Meekamui.

I'll keep you posted with what I discover.

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