Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From my Point of View

Looking at things from my point of view can be dangerous. For one ting, very often my point of view is from my bed,looking out a small window (well, it looks small because I am off to the side, it is really quite good sized), looking out to the street and at a small, white house where the Early family lives.
The Early's children, Modoc and Titan, are great little boys. They seem to play well with their little sister, Stella, who is a pretty little strawberry blonde gal of about the age of 3. Their mother, Jessie (short for Jessica?) is a beautiful red-head lady who takes good care of the three children and who also works well alongside Brent, a big man with a huge heart (and a massive forehead! Doesn't that indicate intelligence?) in fixing up their little fixer-upper home and in the huge garden where they grow a lot of the food they bottle up for winter eating. They are a healthy, apparently happy family of God-respecting people, good neighbors and friends.  The Earlys are typical of the other people around us here in Provo, UT -- the Workmans, the Shellys, the Walls, the Pinnagers, the Knibbs, the Jenkins, and a lot of others who we know and love -- neighbors and friends on our street.

From my point of view, it is the people I know who make my life worth living. If it were not for them, and, of course, I am including my beautiful sweetheart, Sharon, who serves me -- actually she serves everyone she meets to the best of her ability -- i say, if it were not for them all, I'd be willing to chuck the whole thing and take a long roll off a short pier, securely strapped to my wheelchair. It is the people I associate with who make life worthwhile.

How often do we all forget that? of course, there are some who "don't like people". They think it is people who ruin the world, it is overpopulation that is destroying this earth, they say.
Hogwash! (Have you ever smelled hogwash? Whew! It is a terrible smell and it looks ugly , too.)

I say it is the people in the world who make the world bearable. The folks who say otherwise forget it is the people of the world who provide EVERYTHING they enjoy. Take away the people and there is nothing but rocks and sticks The things, the stuff we enjoy or detest is all created by a person, or a bunch of them. Why, we wouldn't have so much as a wood button without a person to make it.

We all are creators -- people are the only creators on this earth. There is no primate that has the ability to make so much as a hat to protect it from rain or snow or sun. Only mankind has capability to create. So why do so many ultra-rich people lead out in saying the earth is overpopulated? It is because mankind are social creatures, inter-dependent upon each other for the things we each need.  We need each other in order to get along in this life so people stick together except for the few pioneers who break away looking for new and different opportunities. After that person has proven the new opportunities to create and profit are there, less courageous people follow and prove it again, creating more new wealth. After repeated proofs of opportunity to profit, the far less and the least courageous people (not saying they are bad people, just less courageous) move in to take advantage of the other opportunities that have been created by the pioneers. And, of course, the "leaders", the politicians and governors also take their places to make sure society is taken care of. People do need to be taken care of, at least the vast majority do. This has been proven time and time and time again.
The pioneers do not need governors. They run for governors, seeking autonomy, liberty to go along with the freedom they require.

Why to so many feel the world is over populated? Could it be because they fly from one over-populated area to another, never seeing all the vast open spaces between?

I did the math the other day and figured how many acres are in the USA mainland alone. Figuring that all the mountains and inhospitable places could be populated, which of course they really cannot be but figuring as if they could, I determined that each person in the world (now about 6.5 billion) could have about 1/4 acre to his or her self if each acre in the continental USA were livable land.

I'll repeat that: if every acre in the USA was livable, arable land, every person in the world could move here and be given 14 acre. Every acre in the continental USA would have 4 people on it and the REST OF THE ENTIRE GLOBE WOULD BE EMPTY of people, totally unpopulated.

Do you think a family of 4 could be happy on an acre of tillable land? That would also mean that every inch of shoreline, be it river, lake or sea or ocean, would be used and probably made productive.

How could there be overcrowding if each person has an entire 1/4 acre to spread out upon? Then consider the space for the pioneers to explore! Wow! What opportunity!

The question is: why don't people, the pioneers just go into all the open, empty spaces there area in this world right now and start tilling the ground, milling the lumber, mining the minerals, etc.? Could it be because the governors stop them? Why don't the pioneers pioneer today? Aren't there any pioneers today?

From my little bed, looking out my little window to the little house with the wonderful little family across the street, I see a lot of wonderful opportunity for expansion, creativity, profit and a whole lot of growth,From my imaginative perspective, the world is still a bed of oysters, still laying available and unopened, waiting for some courageous pioneers to sail in, dive in and gather them up to find not only the pearls but also all the other blessings that follow those who explore, work and create new wealth, more wealth than they can use themselves.

Can the world be overpopulated? Sure! When there about 250 billion people, I figure, knowing how some people actually prefer to live on top of each other, 2 to 5 people per flat, 10 to 20 flats per level, up to 80 or 100 levels high. Truly, the views become more spectacular the higher up you go. Perhaps this is why some people become 'mountain men'.

Is the world overpopulated now? Not a chance.
Are places overpopulated? Absolutely.
Do they need to be? I don't think so.
Is there opportunity and even need for pioneers today?
In the humble opinion of this paraplegic sometimes-shut-in man: yea, forsooth! (What does forsooth mean?? "Middle English: in truth, verily so, indeed, really!" Really, it does, forsooth!)

Should the pioneers be allowed, yes, encouraged to go out into the wilds of the world to homestead? Again, I say, "yea, verily, indeed, forsooth!" That would bring this world out of despair and economic slump, create jobs and new opportunity.

Allow and encourage that the land be worked for all it is worth. Verily, the land and the people are the only things of any true worth, anyway and neither are of any good unless they are worked.

That is what will bring Real Prosperity Now, from my point of view

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