Monday, August 20, 2012

The Patsy Within

I put the following post on my Facebook page some time ago: "The Enemy Within". If you like it please click "Like" and I'll appreciate your comment.

One of my followers made the comment that Mr. Obama is not the only one to blame for the suicidal path this country is racing down at breakneck speed. Mr. O is not the only "Enemy Within" but is only a puppet, a "patsy", like what Lee Harvey Oswald the guy who allegedly shot President J.F. Kennedy called himself, "I'm just a patsy!"

I doubt any US President would ever declare such a thing unless s/he was about to walk to the death chamber for treason or something of the like. Certainly collusion with intent to destroy a nation would be treason and worthy of the death sentence! Would we call meetings behind closed doors where people plan ways to circumvent Congressional and Senatorial legislative process to declare laws that undermine the fabric of our society and economy be treasonous? Would we call a person who participates in such meetings a "patsy"? I don't know about any one else; I know I would not. I would call that person stupid, a liar, a willing participant in planning genocidal activities, a "crook" and a person worthy of being sent Home to the God who gave us our Scriptural and Constitutional basis for our laws of Liberty. 

Just send all those treasonous "non-patsy" people Home. Let the Great Judge deal with them.

The damage done by the patsy is minuscule compared to the damage done by the wolves in sheep's clothing. Which wolf, however, is most dangerous: A/ the hidden wolf who no one knows about who carefully guides the sheep down a path to  destruction or B/ the wolf who stands up appearing to be a shepherd, who also carefully guides the sheep down the path of self-destruction? Would you agree with me that the hidden wolf is most dangerous? At least with the vocal  false shepherd some other true shepherds can call out warnings and attempt to lead the sheep to safety.

Why do I use the analogy of sheep? It should be easy to accept that a society that wants to sit watching cartoons like "The Simpsons" and "Family guy" and other such mind rotting drivel, such a society is filled with sheep who willingly graze from any "pasture" the "shepherd" on the TV leads them to. Such people don't think, they do what their parents did: nothing special, eat dinner and midnight snacks in front of the TV, spend more than they earn, play bowling or bingo or poker or ??? once a week, look for a handout or a lottery windfall, retire broke only to have to work at El Berger/Taco Palace; and they do what their teachers told them to do: memorize - or just read from -  instructions, pass the test, look for the coach/supervisor/boss to tell them what to do next, rely on government to keep things going.

Too many of this world's people are sheep, non-thinking sheep. Too many others are wolves playing like shepherds. Too many others are wolves playing like sheep but working like wolves. Remember, most wolves run in packs and know how to cooperate with each other.

We need some form of X-Ray that will  reveal wolves from among the shepherds. We need a laser beam that will burn false fleece off the backs of wolves posing as sheep.  We need some sort of "mind-jolt"  blast that can be shown over the TV that will wake up the sleeping and non-thinking sheep. We need some moral cartoonist who will write half hour drama-humor programs showing exactly how the everyday Patriotic, God Respecting Parent and Family overcomes today's tragedies and normal problems and comes out shining and ready to take on the next set of struggles tomorrow.

There is an enemy within our nation. It is not one president, not one cabinet, not one administration, not one political party.
 There is an enemy within our States, within our cities, our churches, our neighborhoods and our  homes. 
Actually there are many enemies, all of them with the same agenda: to weaken, to bring down, to divide, to destroy.

These enemies are pernicious, persistent and passionate about their agenda. They are well organized and patient. They teach the next generation the same agendas and the succeeding generations are all too often finishing the projects the preceding generations began. I am not exaggerating one bit. 

In pre-world war II the Communist party was exposed within the USA and their agenda was written in a book. I've seen the book online and can't for the life of me remember the title. The information was read in the US Congress. Mr. McCarthy began a Communist hunt and went overboard as the national anti-communist fervor swept the country. Soon what began as a needed search became a veritable "witch-hunt" and anyone who attended a communist meeting out of curiosity was at risk of losing reputation, job and respect. Sheesh! Too bad. Do you think the Communists themselves had anything to do with pushing things too far? Hmm.

A fun movie was made with a McCarthy Communist hunt as a middle theme not too long ago starring Jim Carrey. The first two people to give me the name and date of the movie and Jim's lovely female co-star will receive two tubes of Mama Sharon's Ache-Away Pain Relief Balm totally free of charge. When I post the winners, email me with your mailing address and I'll send them right away. My sweetheart, Sharon, makes these herself from 100% natural ingredients including the marvelous doTerra essential oils.  

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Back to the Enemy - Enemies - Within: The 45 goals of the Communists were again read in Congress and written in another book, "The Naked Communist". Nothing was done this time. No one wanted another witch-hunt. Check the list, though. See how far the Communists have come with their agenda. Can you see the effects in our American society? How about the world societies?

What can be done? How do we protect ourselves, our families, our nation?
May I offer a couple suggestions? (This is NOT an all inclusive list)
  1. Stay personally in close touch with the God of Peace and Love and Righteousness. God sees around corners and into the future. Staying in touch with him who is by some called "Man of Counsel" as well as "Man of Holiness" can  have ( for me...DOES have ) a great effect of calm and peace as He counsels me.
  2. Prepare your family with substantial supplies of family necessities. There are many websites that can help with this. Search Emergency preparation, Provident Living, etc.
  3. Live within your income just as we must DEMAND our federal and state and city governments to do. Save some from every, every, every paycheck, if it is only $5!Start a ROTH IRA; save and accumulate tax-free. Save some from every paycheck. 
  4. When a politician says something DO THE MATH. Do NOT just believe what s/he says. THINK: "what proves what s/he says is true?" and search for the answers. Believe the old joke:
    • Q:  "how do you know when a politician is lying?"
    • A:  "when the lips are moving" (ha, ha, ha)
  5. Learn to apply the Bill of Rights in your personal life, particularly the 2nd Amendment. Learn to handle firearms safely and accurately. Nothing frightens thieves, murderers, tyrants and despots more than an armed, skilled and LOADED populace.
  6. In addition to your J.O.B., be building a business of your own. Learn to manufacture something if you can. Find a need and fill it, build it, sell it for a fair profit. People will pay a fair profit for a quality service or product.
  7. Learn to hire others and pay them a fair return for their services to you.
  8. Work productively 6 days out of 7. Labor productively and when needed recreate productively with your family. Teach your children to labor productively and recreate together as needed. I love to work and I love to play ... hard!
  9. I urge you to turn you mind and heart to your God of Love, Peace and Righteousness 1 day out of 7. Keep His Sabbath. In the Holy Bible in the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 58:3-14) there are some magnificent promises to those who keep His Sabbath. In ancient days and even today, people go without food for 2-3 meals on their Sabbath as a way to keep control of their own passions and appetites. Many people today donate to the poor what would have been spent on those meals. Isaiah speaks clearly to that in verses 3-7. Then come powerful promises. I believe in those promises having experienced some of them in my life. I urge you to believe God, believe His promises.
  10. Give generously, perhaps a full 10% of your net profit increase, to good, even Godly, causes. Give back to society. God makes some marvelous promises for this, too. (Malachi 3:8-12) Trust His Word, do his teachings, observe the promises be fulfilled in ways unexpected.
The Enemies Within cannot win against the Friends we have all around but we must stick together as with an oath and covenant to stand with and support each other. As we stand together in the strength of Holy Faith we will experience such powerful events, both good and evil, and will see the Holy Hand bear us up as did George Washington during the War of Independence. 

No matter the temporary "defeats" suffered, as we stand true and together, laboring with faith in each other and in our Providential Man of Holiness the Enemies Within will either convert or flee like sheep before LIONS.

I'll keep you posted.
Cameron Cv

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