Monday, August 27, 2012

Will the Keynian Leopard Change His Spots after the Election?

Why is it that no one could get into the Democratic Convention without ID AND CREDENTIALS IN HAND (even babes in arms, I was told) but the Democrats want ANYONE to be able to VOTE WITHOUT EVEN ID?

Why was American oil production virtually shut down in America, everywhere the Democrats were able to - offshore drilling and the Canadian/US pipeline - but they paid hundreds of billions for Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and other countries to assist their offshore drilling efforts? Why?

President Obama's Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, school and college mentors were/are proclaimed anti-capital socialists and/or card carrying communists. In his autobiography Mr. Obama declares he has taken on the dreams of his anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist, communistic father. Notice that his title is not "Dreams of My Father", but rather, "Dreams from My Father". Obama isn't writing about his father's dreams; he is writing about the dreams he received from his father.
"Treason for His Father's Dreams"

Why would we believe Mr. Obama to suddenly be a supporter of capitalism, free enterprise and entrepreneurism Capitalism (1948) which have been known as the American Way and is the proven pathway to prosperity, fulfillment of the American Dream?

President Obama has acted in very Anti-American ways all the while campaigning for your votes. What will he do when he doesn't need your votes anymore?

Do you want that?

Mr. Obama has derided Americans who have made their businesses successful, telling them publicly "You didn't build that! Somebody else built that!" Mr. Obama increases the taxes on success every way he can. He plans on increasing taxes even more. "We're talking about in 2013..." 

He punishes hard working, successful Americans with higher taxes and ridicule, telling them they don't pay enough, not realizing they already pay personal taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes, shipping taxes, employee taxes, social security taxes, medical taxes, etc. Mr. Obama has never built a business, paid a payroll, not to mention payroll taxes. What will he do when he isn't worried about re-election?

Mr. Obama has reduced America's military defensive strength, our nuclear armaments, our naval vessels. He has bowed deeply to Islam leaders while scoffing at and ridiculing Christian Scriptures. He "worshiped" 20 years (!) at the church of an Anti-American "God Damn America" Pastor, Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. who also kindly warned America that "Barack Obama is a politician," and that he "ain't Jesus". **Some History of Pastor Wright

Pastor Wright, in an interview also revealed some comments made to him by President Obama who said: "Do you know what your problem is? ... You don't have to tell the truth! ... Politicians don't have to tell the truth. The truth is what we say it is" Was Pastor Wright telling the truth? Why would he lie about something so incriminating about a 20 year friend? 
Audio of: "Politicians don't have to tell the truth"

President Obama has offended America's defenders and allies and even American military personnelle. All this while campaigning for votes - when he is not playing golf or off vacationing around the world.

Why would he change his direction when he does not need any voter support?

The President and his Democratic Senate have NEVER passed a budget - a Constitutional REQUIREMENT - but they have greatly increased the national debt by 57.6%, up from $9.202 trillion to $15.974 trillion.

Under GW Bush the debt grew from $5.713 trillion to $9.202 Trillion. That is $3.489 trillion increase in debt in 8 years. Compare that to $6.772 trillion increase in 4 years. Obama outspent Bush almost 2-to-1 in his one term. Will he change when he doesn't need to campaign to convince you to vote for him? National Debt to the Penny

If President Obama does all this -
  • weaken America militarily and insult our allies,
  • increase America's national debt by 2-to-1, 
  • lie regarding his religious leanings, 
  • lie regarding his support of free enterprise and capitalism, 
  • increase America's dependence on foreign oil, 
  • increase the cost to drill, mine, produce and use American energy,
  • increase socialism in America, 
  • proclaim worldwide America is not a Christian nation
  • regularly circumvent our legislative process with Administrative declarations and Presidential Edicts
  • disregard Constitutional responsibilities such as uphold immigration law and State rights
  • disregard Constitutional responsibilities such as pass a national budget, honor his oath to uphold the US Constitution
 all the while campaigning for votes, can you imagine what he and his team of "Czars" (Russian for "Kings") will do when he doesn't need your support?
    Please consider these things. 
    Ask yourself: What will Barrak H. Obama do when he doesn't care about your support any more?

     Do you want Kings and their military ruling over you by regulations and officials and air-born drones or will you vote instead for the Liberty of free enterprise, free-market capitalism, and the American Way of Independence and personal responsibility under the US Constitution?

    Please, If you know something about Mr. Obama that you can support with evidence, please share it with your family, friends and me.

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