Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mr. Obama's Litany

After listening twice to the 2nd US Presidential debate between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney, after doing some double checking on the accuracy of a few comments each man made and after reading and listening to the comments of others, I have made my own decisions.

I believe Mr. Obama made tremendous advances in his ability to connect with his listeners and his ability to come out looking like a fighter. Mr. Obama was able to make his statements strongly and back them up and clearly, strongly denounce his opponent. Mr. Romney was very clear, also, in his statements, his attacks and his defenses. His statements relating to his supporting women in the workforce, his record of leadership and Mr. Obama's record of failures were also strong and clear. Because both men performed admirably, both political parties certainly call their own man the winner.

Both men made certain comments that required some research to discover the truth. Mr. Obama, however, made enough "shakey" comments that his entire argument was put on a very uneven and, I would say, unsupported foundation.  After discovering the truth about Mr. Obama's Rose Garden "terrorist act" statement and Mr. Romney's reported "This (Salam Harbor heavily polluting, coal burning, electricity generation) plant kills" statement, I made a quick search for Mr. Obama's other trailing statements, events, choices, consequences.

Mr. Obama has left a long litany of wrong statements and decisions.

** Obama says Romney tax cuts will cost the gov't $5Trillion but fails to consider that $5Trillion left in taxpayers' pockets = $5Trillion left in the economy, Obama would rather take the money out of the economy and put it into the hands of the Federal Reserve, a privately held banking system, and then lend it to the wasteful federal gov't that must repay the loan with interest;

** Obama wants to raise taxes on "the rich" who already pay roughly 40% to 45% of the national tax revenues, then claims it unfair for them to want to take their companies to a taxed-less or even taxless offshore business haven, he doesn't understand how high government interference is driving US companies offshore;

** Obama was right, Romney did say in 2003 to the officials of the Salem Harbor proven lethally polluting coal burning plant ,"This plant kills" and, rather than pay to upgrade the burners to burn coal cleaner or the exhaust system to capture the toxic emissions according to State law by June 2014, the plant owners have chosen: the plant will close in 2014, 11 years after Gov. Romney's "sinister" and "uncaring" declaration;

**Obama did not say in the Rose Garden the embassy attack was a terrorist attack, although he did call it an "act of terror", then for 7 days his administration falsely internationally supported labeling the attack a result of a spontaneous riot due to a YouTube video;

**Obama HAS doubled the national deficit overpayment after condemning Pres. Bush for doing 1/2 of what Obama then has done for 4 years;

**Obama called President Bush "unpatriotic" for allowing the national debt to climb to $9Trillion, then, in 4 years, increased the national debt to $16Trillion(!);

** In 4 years neither Obama's administration nor the Democratic Senate has offered any passing national budget as directed in the Constitution, not to even mention a BALANCED federal budget;

**Obama has written 930(+) Executive Orders in 4 years, more than 5x ALL other preceding president's Ex.Orders COMBINED(!) bypassing the Constitutional Legislative process, in effect making 930+ Royal Decrees, many of which silently usurp American sovereign rights from under our noses;

**Obama has appointed Czars ("Kings") over the American people;

**Obama has failed to protect Americans in US Embassies;

**Obama waged unilateral, undeclared war against Lybia;

**Obama has conveniently put off "ending the Iraq war" just in time for election campaigning;

**Obama Administration has proven to prefer protecting the Holy Quran while burning the Holy Bible, setting the Quran book and the Islamic religion above every other book and religion in America, against the proclamation of the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights;

**Obama economic policies have:

*increased inflation dramatically:
* increased demand for foodstamps by about 35%,
* decreased the gross national product growth to a piddling 1.6% (as opposed to China's 6%-10%/year);
* decreased the median income by about $2,500/year;
* increased median health insurance costs by about $2,000/year;
* increased the cost of motor fuel by about 110% in 4 years;
* decreased America's international credit rating 33%, from AAA to AA;

**Obama has personally interfered in city internal police matters, making inflammatory racial comments, and has regularly made racial, gender and economically divisive comments instead of seeking to unify a struggling nation of international immigrants;

** What else?
What more is needed to convince voters? 
 Should we give this guy 4 more years to do more of the same or should we give a chance to a fellow who has balanced the budgets of large and small companies, the 2002 Olympics, and a State government and turned them from being broke to being profitable?

We who do not want another 4 years of the same are called "ignorant", "blind" and other things. I consider it far worse than ignorant to vote for Mr. "O" and expect him to perform differently if re-elected. We cannot expect the leopard to change its spots but it is the time, again, for CHANGE.

What must America do:

  • America must return to embrace the principles and practices of LIBERTY of the individual, FREEDOM to fail or succeed according to the genius and labors of the individual or team,
  • Education must be the responsibility of the Parents of children, assisted by the Community then the State, in that order.
  •  Government must return to the limited form outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and other proper Amendments. The government nearest to the Sovereign Individual is strongest and purest.
  • Banking and business must be strictly for the purpose of supplying quality products and services according to standards established to protect against fraud. 
  • Courts must be held to the high standards of Truth and Justice, tempered by Mercy, as must the Law itself.
  • Religion must be free to perform its purpose of teaching Godly standards of Truth, Justice and Mercy, Love, Goodness and Service.  Religion must not be forced by government but taught with patience and love.
There is much more but this is a good start.

I am reading an excellent book "The Naked Socialist" by Paul B. Skousen, son of Cleon Skousen who wrote both "The Naked Communist" and "The Naked Capitalist. Both books are well read best sellers. I expect the 3rd of the trilogy will be also.

I'll keep you posted.
A. Cameron "Anti-Socialist" Sevy

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