Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happiness vs Joy

Ok. The Story. Happiness vs Joy.
Well, not versus but instead of. Is Joy the same as Happiness? No. Joy is a deeper feeling, longer lasting, more satisfying, and it carries with it something that actually can make it eternal in nature. That something is Love.

Now, imagine you are playing your favorite game with your favorite person. You wouldn't trade your relationship with this person for anything. And you are in deep competition  in this game, whatever the game is. It is neck and neck but you are just a bit ahead, barely winning in a hot contest that could turn against you in one stroke of your friend's doing. The weather is good, you both had a great meal just before the game and a warm afternoon to enjoy after the game. You are healthy and feeling great, and  you are still winning.

Are you happy?

It is likely you will say, "Yes." You are healthy, warm, full and safe. You are playing a fun game with your favorite person and you are winning, and you have good prospects of more fun to come. Of course you are happy!

Now suppose that suddenly your friend takes the lead in the game, but at the last possible moment you come in with a masterful move that wipes your friends chances of winning right off the map and you decisively win the game. Bang!  You win! And your friend explodes with, "Hah! You killed me! That was terrific! I couldn't do anything! That was fantastic! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I can't believe it. You were great!" Your friend falls over laughing in pleasure.

As your friend exults with how great your move was that won the game, you look at him/her, seeing your friend as you have never seen him/her before. For the first time it is revealed to you how much you really love that person. You really love that person.

Are you happy?

Yes, of course, and now there is something more. With the love comes the deeper feeling of Joy.

This is what we want more than anything else. People pay ransoms for it. People live, work, sacrifice,  and die for it: that love that brings joy.

Let's understand that is what we want and make that our base line. If our actions do not produce that feeling of love, they are due for an overhaul. Repentance is needed. 

Oops. Did I slip in something that smacks of religion? Yes, and let me sooth some troubled minds with a definition of Repentance from Cameron Sevy 101:

Repentance = Oops again. Family calls. I'll have to fill this in tomorrow. See you then. 

In the meanwhile, God bless.

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