Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's It all About? Why pain and suffering?

Very quickly, here is what "it" is all about, "it" being LIFE.
Life is all about prosperity, happiness and good relationships with others. Plain and simple, that is what it is all about.

What, really? Then why all the pain and suffering in this world? What is all that about, "that" meaning the pain? I am going to give you the very short answer version for sake of time. It is called the Plan of Happiness. You can think about it, study it out and discover the truth of what I say here. I'll answer by stating certain points. Later I may elaborate.

1. Who are we?
We are eternal beings living on earth for a short, temporary mortal life.

2. Where did we come from?
We came from a life with God, our Heavenly Father. We lived in an extended family situation for an unknown period of unmeasured time.

3. God is our father.
You know there is a God. You can deny it all you want and when you get in a life threatening situation, such as war, you will call out to God for help. There are no atheists in foxholes, the saying goes. God is our Father.

4. We lived with God in Heaven
in form and shape like our mortal bodies, except the stuff our heavenly bodies are made of is called spiritual matter, not temporal or earthly matter. We came to earth for several purposes and to fulfill the main purpose which is prosperity and HAPPINESS, even better, JOY.

5. HOW does coming to earth fulfill this?
In a couple of ways; a/ by giving us an opportunity to experience what we could not, would never experience in Heaven with God: betrayal, abandonment, abuse, fears, physical pain and suffering, etc. That stuff just is not found in Heaven where there is perfect goodness, love, truth and justice perfectly blended with mercy; b/ We could never experience such pain and suffering living with God in Heaven, so we could not understand it. Therefore, c/ we could not understand how GREAT it is to live in Heaven. In this way, our happiness was severely limited and would be so limited forever under those circumstances.

6. How does pain increase our happiness?
, when we die, only our bodies die. We, the we that are inside our bodies, the we that do the thinking and feeling cannot die. We just leave our bodies and go back to being spiritual, non-temporal beings. We remain conscious; we remain ourselves. Second, because of the Great Plan of Salvation involving Jesus Christ and His great Atonement and Resurrection wherein He broke the bands of death, all who accept His gift will return back home to Heaven. God has established the system that provides EVERYONE the opportunity to fully understand Atonement of Jesus Christ all that it entails to accept it. Thirdly, Those who do accept it will receive the perfect goodness, love, truth and justice perfectly blended with mercy that is found in Heaven. Each person will receive the lifestyle best suited for him or her in one of God's many "mansions".

all of us (those who accept the atonement) will ultimately walk back home into Heaven, even those who were cripples or handicapped in any way in mortality! They will say something like, "I remember living here before, but I didn't know how good it was ... and still is. I didn't know how good I had it then. But now I know how good Heaven is because I've experienced pain and suffering. I know how good it feels to feel no pain. I know how good relief from suffering is. Now I know how good Heaven is, AND HERE I AM, HOME AGAIN, FOREVER HEALTHY, HAPPY, SURROUNDED BY LOVED ONES AND ABUNDANCE. I am forever free from all those earthly pains and cares and ABLE TO UNDERSTAND AND LIVE THE FULLNESS OF HAPPINESS AND JOY FOR ETERNITY.

I know this is true. It was made clear to me in ways I can only explain as divine. This is the reason for pain and suffering: so when we get back home from whence we came, which is Heaven, our real home, we will finally be able to fully enjoy how good it really is, forever.

That is all for now.

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